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Studio Teak Furniture Restoration is a full-service provider of restoration, repair, maintenance, and protection services for all wooden Furniture. Based in Sacramento, we service both residential and commercial customers throughout Northern California and Nevada.






Studio Teak Furniture Restoration is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:Products and / or Services: Our Products and / or services are superior to our competitors

    • * Excellent customer service.
    • * Variety of service to meet specific needs.
    • * Systematic approach to ensure quality.
    • * Proximity to customers.
    • * A focus on our local community.


  • Teak swim platforms and wooden accents

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Customer service is our #1 priority.

Restore Wooden Furniture with Studio Teak Furniture Restoration

Empowered with a rich history of woodworking and unmatched expertise for restoration, repair, and maintenance for exotic woods, particularly teak. Based in Sacrament, Studio Teak Furniture Restoration offers the most exceptional wooden furniture restoration services. With a team of highly skilled woodworkers, we carry out wooden restoration projects of all sizes and scopes with utmost professionalism and dedication.

Outdoor Teak Furniture Restoration

From sunlight to dust, elements of nature tend to have a devastating impact on your exquisite outdoor teak furniture. Bring your outdoor Teak furniture back to life and restore their former glory with the help of our top-notch wooden furniture. Our experience and skill working with different types of rare wooden furniture are only seconded by our commitment and dedication to overwhelm you with the quality and excellence of our services. Reinvigorate your outdoor teak furniture with new life with the help of our effective yet efficient restoration services. At Studio Teak Furniture Restoration, we take every restoration project as a challenge – settling for nothing short of excellence.

Why Choose Us?

At Studio Teak Furniture Restoration, we offer you something extra – something you won’t get elsewhere. Our powerful amalgamation of skill with experience allows us to astound our clients with the results. From the most damaged teak wood furniture to creating new furniture from scratch – Studio Teak Furniture Restoration is your best bet.

Driven by our love and passion to restore furniture made out of teak and other valuable, rate wood, our staff carries out the most extensive restoration projects. From refinish teak to refinish wood, we restore your valuable furniture to its former glory through our dedicated yet specialized services. At Studio Teak Furniture Restoration, we have perfected the art of bringing back your teak wood furniture to life through our skill and expertise. Our mission is to offer an extraordinary and beyond satisfactory service to our clients in a professional yet cost-effective way, which is why all our charges are priced reasonably.

Studio Teak Furniture Restoration Refinish Wood with Utmost Perfection

Empowered with our love for fine and rare wooden furniture, Studio Teak Furniture Restoration has a team of highly motivated skilled workers who refinish wooden furniture in a spectacular fashion. Amalgamating quality products with unmatched skill, we bring the most damaged valuable wood furniture back to life through our comprehensive refinishing services. Drawing upon our decades of experience and skill, our work ensures that you are rendered speechless with joy upon seeing the final results.

Restore Your Teak Wood Furniture To Its Former Glory With Studio Teak Furniture Restoration

Over the years, elements of nature and man render valuable wooden structures and surfaces quite dull and unattractive. But with the right technique, you can restore your wooden furniture back to its former glory – or even better – by relying on our trusted and experienced hands. Specializing in teak wood, our skilled team has the ability to restore, maintain and refinish all types of valuable, rare wood items and furniture in an efficient and cost-effective manner. From outdoor teak furniture restoration to refinishing all types of valuable wooden surfaces, Studio Teak Furniture Restoration has the skill, expertise, and experience to get the job done with perfection.


Wooden furniture that is used commercially is bound to undertake a lot of extreme conditions coming its way whether it’s the ever-changing yet adverse weather conditions or wear and tear that is caused by everyday usage. But the primary concern would be how to preserve or fix this? Studio Teak Furniture Restoration is the answer to that dilemma as we are the industry’s leading restoration company when it comes to dealing with commercial wooden furniture regardless of the fact if you have a restaurant with scratched table surfaces or chipped chair corners in your cafe.


The furniture at our homes are neglected the most and continuously deprived of maintenance. Residential wooden furniture requires care in order to increase its life expectancy as furniture is generally designed to be future proof. Studio Teak’s furniture restoration is the way to go when you’ve got problematic furniture whether it’s your patio furniture in your garden or the woodwork in your yacht, constant exposure to the sea can harm the wood’s quality and structural integrity. We know how to get you up and running in no time with our advanced restoration services.